Bind four sticks together to make the base of the tepee.

Bind four sticks together to make the base of the tepee.

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Build a Tepee

Build a Tepee with your kids that they can use on your next camping trip. With your tepee you can sleep outside under the stars and pretend you're a traveler on the Great Plains.

How to Build a TepeeWhat You'll Need:
  • Four 1 x 2-inch Wood Boards about 4 feet long
  • Power Drill
  • 3/8-inch Drill Bit
  • 12 inches of Cord
  • 2-1/3 yards of Muslin about 44 inches wide
  • Scissors
  • Fabric Paint
  • Fabric Glue
  • Needle and Strong Thread

Step One: Drill a hole 2 inches from the top of each board. Thread the cord through the holes and tie the boards together to make the tepee frame. Tie the cord in a knot. Spread the boards out to form the frame.

Step Two: Trim one end of the muslin fabric to form a half circle. Cut a U-shape at the center of the straight edge of the muslin. Use fabric paint to decorate the muslin with a Native American design. Let the paint dry.

Decorate the tepee cover with your own designs.

Your kids can decorate the tepee cover with their own designs.

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Step Three: Fold the straight end of the fabric over about 4 inches and glue a seam to make a pocket. Let the glue set.

Step Four: Slip 2 boards of the tepee frame through the fabric pockets. The tied ends of the boards should poke through the U-shaped hole at the top.

Step Five: Sew a piece of thread around the center point of the 2 back boards of the tepee to hold them in place. Stand the frame up, and spread the boards out to form the tepee.

Admire your authentic Native American tepee.

Admire your authentic Native American Tepee.

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