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Veteran's Day Crafts

Victorious Veteran Pins
Create Veterans Day pins to honor the soldiers you know.
Create Veterans Day pins to honor the soldiers you know.

Award these colorful pins to the brave veterans at the Veterans Day parade.

What You'll Need:

Large safety pins

Colored beads to fit on pins

White glue

Waxed paper



It is traditional to honor brave soldiers with medals, pins, and ribbons. Long after the war, you can show veterans that you have not forgotten their courageous acts. Make these victory pins, and give them to your local veteran's association to distribute.

To make one, thread colored beads onto the pin side of a large safety pin. You could use only red, white, and blue beads for a patriotic flair. Or you can use purple for a Purple Heart pin, or use white beads for peace.

Glue the beads onto the pin. Let them dry on waxed paper. Tie a little ribbon onto the other arm of each pin. Don't forget to make a pin for your shirt, too.

Next, you'll learn how to keep the Veterans Day festivities going long after the town parade is over.

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