5 Ways to Wear Seersucker


Capri pants have become an essential a part of a woman's warm-weather wardrobe as shorts and dresses, and seersucker capris fill a gap between the very casual to the suitably formal depending on how they're dressed up or down. Full-length pants in seersucker are still in fashion and arguably a lot more wearable for women than men, but shorter capri lengths have become widely available and workable.

Boxy T-shirts and boat-neck, three-quarter-sleeve tops suit seersucker pants and most any capris, and thin-weight cardigan sweaters of short, linen blazers elevate the look for going out at night. And as with miniskirts in the crinkled stripe, flats or heels are OK as long as they fit the occasion and carry the overall look. A men's style lace-up oxford is another great pairing that pays homage to the original seersucker trousers.