5 Fragrances for 40somethings

Eau des Jardins by Clarins

I have this friend who I've known for about a million years. She has excellent taste and is wonderfully passionate, so you know exactly when she truly loves something or completely hates it. Fortunately for Clarins, Eau des Jardins falls in the "thumbs up" category.

"I think as I've gotten older I have gotten away from the sweet and flowery scents and opted for more natural and earthy scents," says Staci-Jill Burnley, 40, of Alexandria, Va. "It's probably an evolved idea that natural is usually better than artificial."

Touted by Clarins as a "treatment fragrance," that can improve skin moisture and radiance, Eau des Jardins also promises to positively affect mood, which is no small task for busy women. I don't know if that actually happens for sure, but I do appreciate the outdoorsy, although not overly floral or citrusy, scent it emits. Users have reported that it actually tends to evolve throughout the day from garden-inspired to deeper and woodier. Notes include citrus, patchouli, rose and white musk, among others.

In addition, unlike the majority of other fragrances, psoralens have been removed from Eau des Jardins, making it safe for wear in the sun.

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