5 Benefits of Body Oils


Massage Therapy

Many of the benefits of body oils relate to their use in massage therapy. Body oils make it easier to rub and massage skin, causing less friction and discomfort when a masseuse manipulates your body tissue.

Jamie at Van Davis Aveda asserts that essential oils work on the body in two distinct ways: by inhalation of the aroma and by topical application. The essential oils that she applies directly to the skin during her facials have a low molecular weight and are lipid (fat) soluble, so they are absorbed easily and are highly compatible with the skin's oil and cellular structures. She combines these oils with specific massage techniques for effective delivery and penetration of the body oil.

For oily acne-prone skin, Jamie uses tea tree oil to regulate and balance oil secretions and hormonally driven skin breakouts. She also incorporates a detoxifying massage to aid in ridding the body and skin of any impurities or toxins. To rejuvenate healthy skin cells and reduce stress-related skin problems, she uses lavender or vanilla for their soothing and calming effects on the skin. She also recommends combining Swedish massage techniques to calm the nervous system and increase nutritive circulation in the skin.

While the body oils used in massage create an enjoyable experience due to their pleasant smell and moisturizing properties, massage itself also offers many proven health benefits.

In addition to helping alleviate everyday aches and pains, studies have shown that massage lessens stiffness and increases the function of joints for those suffering from osteoarthritis, reduces symptoms of cancer and side effects of treatment and relieves anxiety and depression, according to WebMD.