5 Things Parents Should Know: When Your Kid Goes to a New School

#2 - Encourage Extracurricular Activities

One surefire way to get your child accustomed to his or her new school is to encourage extracurricular activities. If kids were involved in a specific activity at their old school, those are a great place to start. Even if they aren't particularly athletic, there are usually other clubs and organizations to get involved with, including band, theater, service clubs and student government. Not only do extracurricular opportunities present friendship opportunities, they're also a nice resume addition for a high school student looking to gain college admissions.

At the same time, remember that there can be too much of a good thing. If you have an adolescent soccer player, karate kid, painter and dancer all rolled into one, it may be wise to discuss cutting down on the afterschool pursuits. Kids need to relax just like adults do. Likewise, if you rarely see your teen between practices and club meetings, it could be a sign of overextension. Certainly, if grades begin to slip as activities ramp up, it's time to prioritize.