5 Cool School Tools

#1 - Homework Helpers

Between the note-taking, laptop learning and backpack toting, kids have to do their homework. Whether it's solving a tough math problem, researching a science fair project or creating a bibliography for a term paper, the Web holds a wealth of educational resources. But tracking down the best of those resources can be challenging, and parents may be hesitant about unleashing their children on the Internet.

Fortunately, some companies have developed robust homework helper programs for students of all learning levels. DiscoveryEducation.com, for instance, provides assistance for seven different subject areas, along with interactive games and student-tailored external Web links for additional tutoring. For a monthly fee, Cosmeo by Discovery Education is a one-stop-shop for Discovery videos, scholarly articles, step-by-step academic instruction and more. By utilizing the breadth of valuable information online, kids can enhance their learning experience and continue to make A+ grades.