Ultimate Guide to 'The Incredibles'

By: Vicki Arkoff

'The Incredibles' Scene Guide

Copyright Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved In one of the last scenes on Nomansian Island,Syndrome captures the entire Incredibles family.

One thing that makes "The Incredibles" DVD so enjoyable is the ability for fans to repeatedly watch their favorite scenes. What follows is a guide to selected scenes from "The Incredibles." Download the full scene guide of "The Incredibles" here.

Scene 1: "Golden Age." This title sequence includes vintage documentary interviews of Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone.


Scene 2: "Weddings & Lawsuits." On his way to his wedding, Bob Parr turns into Mr. Incredible and takes several detours to heroically make rescues and foil crimes. His No. 1 fan, Buddy, appears and asks to assist him as his sidekick Incrediboy, but Mr. Incredible dismisses him as he hurries away to foil another crime with flirty Elastigirl's help. Buddy, however, gets in the way, causing a blast that requires Mr. Incredible to miraculously stop a train from crashing. He makes it to the church in time to say "I do" to Elastigirl, but then learns that the rescued passengers are suing the city for damages, forcing the superheroes out of business and into seclusion.

Scene 3: "15 Years & 50 Pounds Later." Forced to live secretly and anonymously as average suburbanites, Bob has a boring job in an insurance claims department and Helen (formerly Elastigirl) is a housewife taking care of their baby Jack Jack while their son Dash and daughter Violet are at school.

Scene 5: "Family Dinner." The Incredibles sit down for a chaotic family dinner in which they bicker and reveal their unique powers. Lucius (formerly Frozone) drops by to pick up Bob for bowling night.

Scene 6: "2 Ex-Supers." Frozone and Mr. Incredible reminisce while listening for trouble on a police scanner so they can sneak to the rescue against orders. They are followed by a mysterious woman and nearly get caught by the police. Helen finds out and berates her husband for nearly blowing the family's cover.

Scene 8: "Help Wanted." Bob returns home, but doesn't tell Helen he's lost his job. He clears out his briefcase and finds a classified communication from Mirage drafting him into service on a top-secret mission. Tempted to relive his superhero days, he eagerly accepts and then fibs to Helen, telling her he's being sent to a conference.

Scene 9: "Nomanisan." Mr. Incredible travels to Nomanisan Island, where Mirage tells him his mission is to locate and disable an artificial-intelligence robot. After a dangerous battle in the jungle and in a volcano, he succeeds.

Scene 13: "An Important Meeting." Mr. Incredible arrives on the island and is surprised by Buddy, aka Incrediboy, who introduces himself as Syndrome, Mr. Incredible's vindictive nemesis and a wealthy inventor with an island full of dangerous super-weapons. In a cave, Mr. Incredible discovers clues to Syndrome's terrible scheme, including GazerBeam's "Cronos" message.

Scene 15: "Secrets Revealed." Mr. Incredible enters Syndrome's headquarters to hack into the computer system. He discovers that Syndrome has killed dozens of superheroes and that he may be next. He also learns how Syndrome plans to send a robot to destroy the city.

Scene 16: "Suiting Up." Back at home, Helen packs her suitcase to go find Bob and includes her new Elastigirl super-suit. Dash and Violet find their suits, too, and try them on. Helen resumes her identity as Elastigirl, borrowing a jet to find Mr. Incredible.

Scene 19: "Good Guys/Bad Guys." Mom tells her children the truth about the real life-and-death dangers that threaten them all and insists that their powers are no longer taboo. She instructs them to use their powers to their fullest, for the first time in their lives, to keep each other safe.

Scene 25: "Bob's Confession." The four Incredibles are held captive. An emotional Mr. Incredible tells his family that he's come to realize that they are "my greatest adventure -- and I almost missed it." Violet uses her skills to escape and release her family.

Scene 27: "Omnidroid Attacks." Syndrome arrives to stop his own robot and trick citizens into believing he saved the city, but the robot gets the better of him. The Incredibles arrive by strapping an RV onto one of Syndrome's jets.

We wouldn't want to spoil the ending for you, so we'll stop there. Of course, if you're dying to know how things turn out, download the above PDF. As for the future of "The Incredibles" franchise, go to the next page.