10 Ways to Keep Kids Quiet in Cars and on the Plane


Snack Away

Cheerios are fun to eat and they're low in sugar.
Cheerios are fun to eat and they're low in sugar.

In this age of eating disorders and childhood obesity, snacks can be scary. No one wants to teach their children to eat for entertainment. But the fact is, fun snacking can keep kids occupied, happily munching away or throwing pieces on the ground so mommy and daddy can pick them up.

The right kind of snacking can keep even the fussiest, highest-energy child entertained for long enough to convince your fellow passengers you really do care about their aggravation level. Be sure to keep snacks healthy and low in sugar. Cheerios and other multigrain snacks are good choices, as are veggies (with dip if your child is at the dipping stage), yogurt and string cheese.

Also, keep the snacking occasional. It'll work best as a healthy volume control if it's a treat to look forward to and savor, not a nonstop munching fest.