10 Ways to Entertain Kids on a Road Trip


The Slug Bug Game

Green one!
Green one!
AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Remember the "Slug Bug Game?" someone spies a Volkswagen Beetle (old version or new), declares "Slug Bug Green" (or whatever color it happens to be), and earns the "right" to punch the other person in the arm. Also known as "Punch Buggy," it's a game that requires keen observation, speed and a good sense of humor while being slugged in the arm.

Now, some kids may think it's also a competition to see who can punch the hardest. And that's definitely not the case. However, if your rambunctious kids insist on playing the game that way, feel free to make an in-car rule that Bug sightings are to be celebrated with no more than a very firm prod.

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