10 Creative After-school Programs for Kids

Community Kids

Are you concerned your child may be a little too self-absorbed? Perhaps all he thinks about is what new video game he's getting for his birthday. Or maybe all that's on her mind is filling her closet with the latest fashions. A great way to help open up your kid's world is through volunteerism. And after-school programs can be a great way to do that. For instance, a statewide program in Georgia -- the 3:00 Project -- offers students community service opportunities that range from stocking food banks to educating younger children on substance abuse.

If there's no such course in your area, consider asking some of your local nonprofit organizations if they offer any after-school activities for kids. Many do. For example, the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a Junior Volunteers program that allows students to help out with animals after school. You're sure to find similar opportunities in your area.

The next type of program also fosters love of community.