How to Host a Successful Luncheon

Luncheon Menu Ideas

Planning the menu for your luncheon can be both fun and nerve-wracking. This is, after all, an event revolving around food, so your choices can make or break the day.

It's not really that complicated. The food should look good, smell good and taste good. It should fit the feel of your luncheon (fancy or casual? mingling or sit-down?), and if you have a theme your menu should further it (if you're draping the buffet with Mexican blankets and hanging piñatas, you should probably serve queso dip, not brie).

The options are endless, limited only by your imagination -- and possibly your cooking ability. You might decide what your best dish is and then build the menu around that; or you might just start from scratch. If it's the latter, be sure to cook and taste everything well before the date, so you can make changes if any dish doesn't work out.

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With the menu planned, your next job is a tough one: breathe. Whether you go fancy or casual, sit-down lunch or passed foods, theme or no theme, the most important thing is for you to stay relaxed and have fun. The host sets the tone, after all. With good planning and the right amount of help, your luncheon will run smooth enough for you to fix yourself a plate.

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