How to Host a Neighborhood Meet and Greet

Tips for Hosting a Neighborhood Meet and Greet

Some of the best tips for hosting a meet and greet are the same as for any party: invite well, plan for things to go off-plan and keep people fed, hydrated and happy. Here's how some of that translates to a block party for kids and adults:

  • Recruit people to make and hand deliver invites and to follow up with e-mail or Facebook reminders to keep the upcoming event alive.
  • Check with the neighborhood association and local authorities about needed permits and fees.
  • Pick a venue and have a plan B for weather changes if held outside.
  • Where will people go to the bathroom? It's a big deal for a large gathering!
  • Who will do what? Delegate work down to the smallest details and exchange texts for all the rest -- keep in-person meetings to a minimum or over cocktails or dessert as time allows.
  • Decide on music, entertainment or any games and be bold in asking neighbors if they have any special talents they'd like to share, musically, with decorating, or otherwise (except maybe miming).
  • Take plenty of paper while inviting and keep signing up neighbors for food, shopping or entertaining. Most people will readily volunteer up front before being asked and others will be ready to hand over money on the spot rather than cook or be part of the planning.
  • Plan the menu and pick up plates, cups, cutlery and coolers in advance to just get it checked off the list.

Sound expensive? Maybe not.

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