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Weigh Cool Game for Kids

Find out which weighs more: a cup of feathers or a cup of cereal.
Find out which weighs more: a cup of feathers or a cup of cereal.
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Here's a game for kids that will have you exclaiming, "Weigh cool!" Have you ever wondered if the things that look the same have the same weight? Are things that measure the same actually the same weight?

This experiment will answer those questions, and you'll have fun discovering whether all things are equal when it's time to measure the facts. Here's how to get started.

What You'll Need



Knife or scissors


2 identical plastic dishes

Measuring cup



Dry cereal





How to Play "Weigh Cool"

Step 1: Make a simple measuring scale. Measure the dowel rod to find the exact middle.

Step 2: Ask an adult to carve a notch in the center of the rod with a knife or scissors. Tie a string around that center notch.

Step 3: Now hang the identical plastic dishes from each side of the dowel with string.

Step 4: Suspend the scale from a safe, still place, such as a door frame or a ceiling hook.

Step 5: Measure 1/4 cup sand, 1/4 cup feathers, 1/4 cup dry cereal, 1/4 cup sugar, and 1/4 cup flour.

Step 6: Examine the things you've measured, and decide if they look like they should weigh the same.

Step 7: Compare the substances using your handmade scale. Make notes about your discovery.

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