Folk-Art Yuletide Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

How to Make Small Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. Small Folk-Art Yuletide Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

Perfect for that little nook that needs a some holiday spirit, this small quilted wall hanging is also fun to make. To get a closer look at the quilted wall hanging and its patterns, download this six-page PDF of the Folk-Art Yuletide Quilted Wall Hanging.

To make the Small Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern:

  1. From snowman background, cut one 81/2 X 91/2-inch rectangle. From mitten background, cut one 81/2 X 71/2-inch rectangle. From dark red, cut two 11/2 X 201/2-inch strips and one 11/2 X 81/2-inch strip. From scrappy border fabrics, cut sixteen 11/2 X 2-inch rectangles.
  2. Stitch background pieces to 11/2 X 81/2-inch dark red strip along 81/2-inch sides. Stitch scrappy border rectangles together along 2-inch sides to make 2 units of 8 rectangles each. Stitch units to top and bottom of quilt. Stitch 11/2 X 201/2-inch dark red strips to sides.
  3. Download and cut out snowman and mitten patterns. Iron fusible webbing to wrong side of appliqué fabrics. Trace patterns on paper side of fusible webbing and cut out. Position on quilt as shown in finished quilt illustration and fuse. Use black thread and basting stitch to make snowman smile. For snowman buttons and eyes, make French knots with black thread. Use black thread to stitch around snowman patch. Layer front, batting, and back; baste. Using white thread, hand quilt around edges of scarf and hat appliqués. Using black thread, hand quilt around edges of snowman, snowman nose, mitten, and star appliqués. Hand or machine quilt in ditches around borders. Stitch buttons on scrappy border rectangles and mitten. From dark blue, cut three 31/4 X 45-inch strips. See How to Quilt to stitch binding to quilt.

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