Baby's Busy Day Quilt Pattern

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. This darling quilt is fun to make for mom and fun to play with for baby.

From squeaking to sliding, baby will be busy for hours with this fun activity quilt. This could be the new mom's best friend! The finished piece measures approximately 351/2 X 351/2 inches. Download the five-page Baby's Busy Day Quilt Pattern as a PDF to print out the pattern.

You'll Need:

  • Two 91/2-inch squares broadcloth each: red, orange, yellow, green
  • 91/2-inch square blue broadcloth
  • 1/2 yard black-and-white checked fabric
  • Four 41/2-inch squares black multicolor print fabric
  • 1 yard white broadcloth
  • 36-inch square low-loft batting
  • Cotton-covered polyester thread and rayon thread: white, red, black, tango, London tan, spark gold, pilot blue, kerry green, purple
  • Silver metallic thread
  • Transparent nylon thread
  • 2 packages red wide bias tape
  • 1 skein embroidery floss each: carnation medium, black, Christmas red
  • Baby rickrack each: kerry green, tango
  • Carrot Block: two 31/2 X 8-inch pieces orange broadcloth; 31/2 X 8-inch piece lightweight batting; 2 X 21/2-inch piece white felt; 6 inches yellow satin ribbon, 1/4 inch wide; 1 inch white Velcro
  • Car Block: 51/2 X 7-inch piece red-and-white striped fabric; 51/2 X 7-inch piece fusible webbing; four 2-inch squares royal blue broadcloth; two 2-inch squares lightweight batting; squeaker
  • Chick Block: two 41/2 X 7-inch pieces white broadcloth; 41/2 X 7-inch piece lightweight batting; two 51/2 X 61/2-inch pieces yellow velour; 51/2 X 61/2-inch piece lightweight batting; 1 X 11/2-inch piece orange felt; 8 inches yellow satin ribbon, 1/4 inch wide
  • Hearts Block: 6-inch square checked fabric; 41/2-inch square green fabric; 6-inch square and 41/2-inch square fusible webbing; musical craft button
  • Sun Block: 8-inch square yellow felt; 1 X 2-inch piece black felt
  • Telephone Block: 7 X 71/2-inch piece multicolor striped fabric; 6 X 71/2-inch piece purple broadcloth; 7 X 101/2-inch piece fusible webbing; 7 inches blue satin ribbon, 1/4 inch wide; 1 inch white Velcro
  • Sliding Heart Block: 14 inches white grosgrain ribbon, 1 inch wide; two 41/2-inch squares multicolor striped fabric; 41/2-inch square lightweight batting
  • Bear Block: 7-inch square tan felt; 2-inch square black felt; two 3 X 5-inch pieces polka dot fabric; two 5 X 6-inch pieces batting
  • Book Block: 6-inch square silver lamé; four 4 X 61/2-inch pieces multicolor black print; two 4 X 61/2-inch pieces lightweight batting; 5 inches white Velcro

Find out how to put all of these materials together to create the fun and creative Baby's Busy Day Quilt on the next page.

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