Baby Blocks Quilt Pattern

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. Primary colors really make this quilt a standout.

This bright, colorful quilt is as easy to make as A B C! The Baby Blocks Quilt will not only help a youngster learn the alphabet, but it will also provide some snuggly warmth on chilly nights. The finished piece measures approximately 37 X 43 inches. Download the two-page Baby Blocks Quilt Pattern as a PDF to print out the template, which you can use to create a pattern for each letter of the alphabet.

You'll Need:


  • 1/4 yard broadcloth each: red, green, royal blue, medium blue, orange, yellow, purple
  • 21/2 yards white broadcloth
  • 1/6 yard royal blue with purple dots
  • 1/2 yard multicolor striped fabric
  • 13/4 yards fusible webbing
  • 40 X 45-inch piece medium-weight batting
  • Cotton-covered polyester thread: white, ciel, pilot blue, purple, atom red, tango, kerry green, spark gold
  • Rayon thread: ciel, pilot blue, purple, atom red, tango, kerry green, spark gold
  • Transparent nylon thread
  • 3-inch alphabet (block letters) stencil
  • 2 packages pilot blue wide-bias tape

Now that you know what you need for the Baby Blocks Quilt Pattern, learn how to put it all together on the next page.

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How to Make Baby Blocks Quilt Pattern

Make the alphabet a fun, decorative element as well as a learning tool by creating this keepsake quilt for your baby's nursery. Download a photo and the patterns for the Baby Blocks Quilt in this two-page PDF.

To make the Baby Blocks Quilt Pattern:


  1. Trace pattern pieces A, B, and heart on template plastic and cut out. Trace alphabet letters on tracing paper or typing paper and cut out.
  2. Cut 9 X 171/2-inch piece from each broadcloth color: red, green, royal blue, medium blue, orange, yellow, and purple. Fuse pieces to webbing. Cut from red: 6 of piece A, 2 of piece B, and letters E, H, P, W. Cut from green: 2 of piece A, 5 of piece B, and letters B, I, O, V. Cut from royal blue: 7 of piece A, 2 of piece B, and letters C, L, U, X. Cut from medium blue: 5 of piece A, 1 of piece B, and letters G, M, S, Y. Cut from orange: 5 of piece B, and letters A, J, Q. Cut from yellow: 2 of piece A, 8 of piece B, and letters F, N, T, Z. Cut from purple: 4 of piece A, 3 of piece B, and letters D, K, R. Cut 1 heart from each of orange, royal blue, green, and red fused fabric. Remove paper.
  3. Cut 32 X 38-inch piece of white broadcloth for quilt center. This piece is actually 5 inches wider and longer than finished piece, which allows 21/2 inches on all sides when appliquéing. Follow photograph of quilt for position and colors of A and B pieces to form blocks. Use ruler to measure pieces so they are straight and form blocks. Fuse hearts as shown. Beginning with letter A in top left-hand block, center and fuse letter in white area of each block. To machine appliqué pieces, use cotton-covered polyester thread in bobbin and matching rayon thread in top of sewing machine. Use matching thread colors to appliqué edges of A and B pieces.
  4. Cut off 1-inch border of white broadcloth around fused quilt center so white broadcloth is now 27 X 33 inches. ©2007 Publications International, Ltd.You'll use the A and B patterns and each alphabet letter to make the baby blocks for this adorable quilt.
  5. To make inside frame border, cut two 11/2 X 33-inch strips and two 11/2 X 29-inch strips of royal blue with purple dots fabric. Sew borders on with purple thread. Start with sides first, then sew on top and bottom borders. Press seams toward borders.
  6. To make outside frame border, cut four 41/2-inch squares of purple broadcloth, and two 41/2 X 29-inch strips and two 41/2 X 35-inch strips of multicolor striped fabric. Sew purple squares to 29-inch strips. Sew 35-inch strips to sides, and borders with purple squares to the top and bottom of quilt, using white thread. Press seams toward outside border.
  7. Cut 40 X 45-inch piece of white broadcloth for quilt back. Center batting on top. Center quilt top face up on batting. Pin together and hand baste. With white thread in bobbin and nylon thread in top of sewing machine, machine quilt in the ditch around all A and B pieces, hearts, and in border seams. Topstitch around quilt 1/8 inch from raw edge. Trim broadcloth and batting.
  8. With ruler and pencil, lightly mark line on each block that will finish the white square (see photo on PDF of Baby Blocks Quilt Pattern). With pilot blue thread, stitch this line on each block.
  9. Sew bias tape around quilt top for binding using pilot blue thread. Miter corners. Turn binding to back of quilt. Hand-stitch in place. Remove basting.
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