Painted Pasta Necklace

Pasta makes a great material for crafting jewelry.
Pasta makes a great material for crafting jewelry.

What Mother's Day craft list would be complete without a painted pasta necklace? Making this simple, yet endearing, craft can be as fun as watching mom wearing it about all day.



  • Macaroni (alternative: penne or ziti pasta)
  • Paint (alternative: magic markers or food coloring and rubbing alcohol)
  • String


The pasta for this project can be colored a number of ways. Kids can paint it, color it with magic markers or use food coloring to do the trick. For the last method, add rubbing alcohol and a few drops of food coloring to a Ziploc bag and mix the contents around until all the pasta is coated with color.

Once the pasta has dried, it can be strung onto the string in all sorts of attractive designs, and then, it's ready to be presented to mom.