How to Make Homemade Baby Shower Favors

You can make a baby shower memorable by creating personalized, unique favors for guests to take home. Here are some ideas for baby shower favors you can make yourself:

  • Plants and flowers Take cuttings from flowers or plants and plant them in small pots. Decorate the pots with a ribbon in the color theme of the baby shower. You can also put felt "diapers" around the flowerpots, in the baby shower colors. Secure the diapers with diaper pins [source: Babbee].
  • CandyWrap a handful of candy in tulle, cellophane bags or small favor boxes. Add a color-coordinated bow and baby-related charm. You can also fill small baby bottles with candy.
  • Personalized candy Print your own candy wrapper with a personalized message on it. A 6.5- by-3.5-inch (16.5-by-9-centimeter) piece of paper should fit around a standard candy bar.
  • Cookies Make homemade cookies in baby-themed shapes like teddy bears, rattles or baby bottles.
  • Soap You can make miniature soap in baby-themed shapes. Simply melt a bar of soap and pour it into molds. Wrap a few pieces of soap together in tulle or cellophane.
  • Potpourri Fill pretty little sachets with potpourri and tie with a color-coordinated ribbon [source: Babbee].
  • Flower seeds Flower seeds, especially for flowers that have "baby" in their name, make good favors. [source: Babbee].
  • Decorative candles Wrapped candles in tulle or tied with a ribbon make pretty gifts.
  • Picture frames Hand-paint small picture frames. These can double as place markers if you insert name cards into them and put one at each table setting [source: Grace].
  • Espresso beans An espresso cup filled with chocolate-covered espresso beans, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bow is great for a coffee-loving crowd [source: beau coup].