Crafty Costume Ideas: How to Make Easy Super Hero Costumes from Household Items

The Costume

You don't have to spend a lot of money to put together costumes that are sure to fire your child's imagination. Here are the basic elements you'll need.

The Cape:

You can stay simple and tie on one of mom's underused scarves - or get serious and sacrifice one of the drop cloths in the garage. Cut out a trapezoid, making sure that the small is wide enough to loosely tie around your child's neck. Go one step further and brand your superhero by drawing a shield and adding some lightening strikes for dramatic effect.

The Belt:

For decorative use - go with a wide ribbon. For super duty hero needs, consider using a detachable luggage or camera strap.

The Mask:

Take a paper plate and cut a shallow "W" across the lower third. Now cut out eye holes and let your child decorate the plate with crayons, markers, glitter or tissue paper. Once the mask is complete, tie a string to both sides, and size to fit their face comfortably.