How to Draw Velociraptor in 6 Steps

4. Draw the Front Leg and Teeth

­Draw a lopsided pear shape for the thigh on the close side of the dinosaur. Another bowling pin will provide the shape for the shin. Add a hook shape for the foot, toe, and claw. Put one more claw in front of that hook shape for another toe and claw. Draw bumps in front of the claws for the Velociraptor's extra claw that sticks up. On the head, add in ovals for the eye and eyeball. Draw a circle behind the eye for an ear and a teardrop at the end of the snout for a nostril. A curved shape will make the eye ridge. Add triangles to make the tongue, the teeth, and the muscles at the end of the mouth.

We'll add some skin detail on the next page.

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