How to Draw Impossible Shapes

How Do I Draw Impossible Shapes?

Admit it. You're dying to try your hand at drawing an impossible shape. That's not surprising. Remember how much fun it was as a kid when someone first showed you how to draw a cube? You'd draw one square, then another one that was half on top of the first, then connect them with diagonal lines. Voilà — a cube!

While there are many complicated impossible shapes that would be difficult for most people to draw, you can use one easy method to create an impossible shape from many common forms: squares, triangles, stars and pentagons. Let's try a triangle [source: Snapguide]:

  • Draw a triangle.
  • Extend a line off of each corner.
  • Draw another line off each of those extensions that extends a bit over the corners.
  • We're almost finished! At the end of each line, draw a short, 45-degree angle that lines up with the opposite side.
  • Now the fun part: Connect the lines, and you'll have an impossible shape!
impossible shapes diagram impossible shapes diagram
A step-by-step guide to drawing impossible shapes.
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Use this basic set of instructions to create impossible shapes from other forms. It should be pretty easy.