How to Draw a Tiger in 6 Steps

Tiger Image Gallery Learn how to draw a tiger in only six steps. It's easy with step-by-step instructions. See more pictures of tigers.
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Many artists have chosen this reg­al cat's striking stripes as a subject for their art­work. Now you can make this stunning animal part of your portfolio.

In this section, we'll show you how to draw the above tiger. Either draw it freehand while looking at your computer monitor or print out this page to get a closer look at each step.


Follow the red lines in each illustration to learn exactly what to draw in that step. The lines drawn in previous steps are shown in gray. We'll show you an illustration of each step and then give you a description of how to draw it.

1. Draw Head, Body and Tail

Draw a kidney-bean shape for the body and a squat bell shape for the head. Add an S shape for the tail. Next, we'll give the tiger some legs.


2. Add Legs and Ears

Draw the leg forms on the near side of the body, and add ovals for the ears and paws. Sketch a circle shape for the snout.


3. Draw Legs and Snout

Draw the shapes for the legs on the other side of the body, and add ovals for the paws. Put in a snout, and add a triangle nose and a mouth shape.


4. Draw the Face

Draw ovals for the eyes and circles for the inner ears. Add detail to the eyes and curved lines for the eyebrows, mouth, and toes. Put in spots next to the nose for whiskers. Add hair lines on the head, ears, chest, and cheeks.


5. Add Stripes

Draw stripes over the body, legs, tail, and head. Your tiger is almost complete -- learn how to add the finishing touch on the next page.


6. Trace the Final Lines

Use a felt-tip pen to trace the lines you want to keep, and erase the extra pencil lines.

Next, bring your tiger to life by coloring it with vibrant orange and contrasting black as shown above.


Drawing animals may seem difficult, but when you start each drawing with basic shapes and then add the details, it becomes easy. Practice drawing the animals presented in this article to perfect your artwork. You can also use these techniques to draw other animals that we haven't included. Soon you'll be an expert animal artist!


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