How to Draw a Baseball Pitcher's Windup Cartoon in 5 Steps

3. Hat, Glove and Shoes

Form the pillow-shaped cap, adding two short curved lines to the lower end on your right. Show the underside of the visor as an oval. Shape the hair like a paddle.

Place a curved V-shape behind the ear for more hair. Put a curlicue in the ear. Use S-shapes for the eyes and eyebrows. Add curved smile lines, and draw two short curved lines under the nostrils.

Form the lower lip with a curved line. Shape the mitt's fingers with curved lines and an upside-down U-shape. Draw a curved L-shape and J-shape for the sleeve.

Show the folds in the uniform with curved lines around the knees and waistband. Draw the stirrups on the pants as curved lines. Detail each shoe with curved and straight lines.