Gift Guide for the Bathroom Remodeler

Bathroom Design Tools

With any remodeling project, half the fun is in the planning. Maybe even more than half, depending on how many tiles you'll have to rip out. And DIY remodelers, having most likely spent their childhood drawing awesome plans for tree forts on graph paper, will be grateful for anything that can allow them to indulge that urge.

That's one of the reasons interior design software can be the perfect gift for the bathroom remodeler who's still in the planning phase. With a design suite, your DIYer can let his or her imagination run wild. Some programs even have features that will suggest less expensive or more environmentally friendly materials.

And if your bathroom remodeler (or you) feels like a professional opinion might be in order before anyone starts smashing up the existing features in the bathroom, a consultation with an interior decorator can also make a great gift. A professional will keep the hemming and hawing down to a minimum, point out any potential problems and make sure the room fits together.

Next up, what's a good gift option for the DIYer who's ready to start demolition.