Worm Activities

Worm Condo

You'll see worm tunnels clearly in the worm condo.
You'll see worm tunnels clearly in the worm condo.

If you've participated in the previous activities, you already know that worms are fascinating creatures -- now you can build them a home! In this next activity, watch them tunnel through the dirt, then return them to their natural environment after a few days!

What You'll Need:

2 clear plastic containers (one slightly smaller than the other)



Screen or piece of stocking

Rubber band

First, you'll need a clear plastic container. Place another container, an inch or so smaller in diameter, inside the larger container. You are creating a narrow enough space between the containers so you'll be able to see the worms tunnel.

Fill the space between the 2 containers with a good supply of fresh soil (not potting soil), and keep it moist (but not soaked). Put in some worms, then cover the container with a piece of screen or stocking for good air flow. Secure this cover with a rubber band.

Now watch the worms as they tunnel through the soil! (Be sure to keep this out of the hot sun, and free the worms after a few days of observation.)

Now that you've built a home for your worm friends, what on earth are you going to feed them? Find out how to make worm food on the next page.

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