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Worm Activities

Worm Bowl

Put the worms in the center of a circle to start the race.
Put the worms in the center of a circle to start the race.

In the last worm activity, you watched these creepy crawlers work. Now it's time to let the worms have fun in the worm bowl!

What You'll Need:



Paper plates


Poster paper



Small plastic bowl

Stopwatch or watch with second hand

1. Do you think a bowl full of wriggling worms turned upside down is gross? In this activity, you will turn the bowl over to see which worm crawls the fastest. Welcome to the Worm Bowl! Get ready to rumble!

2. This activity works best with 3 or more people. Give 5 mealworms on a paper plate to each person playing.

3. Ask everyone to observe their mealworms and choose the worm they'd like to enter the race. Using markers, each person gently places a distinctive mark on the abdomen of his or her mealworm.

4. On a large sheet of poster paper, draw a circle 12 inches in diameter.

5. Place a small plastic bowl in the center of the circle. Put all contestants into the bowl. Then turn the bowl upside down in the center of the circle.

6. Wait 15 seconds, and lift up the bowl.

Watch to see which worm wins the race!
Watch to see which worm wins the race!

7. See which mealworm takes the shortest time to get out of the circle.The speediest worm wins the Worm Bowl!

What Happened?

The Worm Bowl requires observation and prediction. The contestants observe their mealworms and try to choose some characteristics that they believe will make them leave the circle the fastest. When they select a mealworm, they are predicting which will go the fastest to the outer part of the circle.

Of course, mealworms are living things. They can be very active one moment and calm the next. It can be very hard to predict the winner, which is what makes the Worm Bowl so exciting!

Fun Fact

Although mealworms are long, all 3 pairs of legs are located on the thorax, very close to the head.

After a long day of competition, your worms might want to relax in a worm condo. Find out how to build one on the next page.

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