Snake Activities

Spinning Snake

Watch the snake spin.
Watch the snake spin.

You'll have a great time making and watching the spinning snake, the last snake activity in this section.

What You'll Need:

Paper plate




Draw an oval shape in the center of a lightweight paper plate. Starting at the oval, draw a spiral line around and around 4 or 5 times until it reaches the edge of the plate.

Use scissors to cut along the spiral line from the outside edge to the center oval. Draw eyes to make the center oval of the plate into a snake's head.

Poke a small hole into the center of the head. Pull a piece of thread through the hole from the top, and tie a big knot in it so the thread will not pull through.

Color the snake's body with stripes. Hang the snake by the thread above a heat source, such as a radiator or heating vent. Watch to see what your snake does.

What Happened? Heat from the heat source caused air to rise up toward your snake. As the air molecules bumped into your spiral-shaped snake, they caused it to spin around.

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