Raccoon Activity

Did you know raccoons are related to bears and are only found in North and South America? They are extremely good swimmers -- and they even "wash" their food before they eat it!

Want to learn more about these fascinating creatures? When you try this raccoon activity for kids, you are sure to better understand how these clever animals live and find out what nature looks like from a raccoon's perspective.


How to Hike the Raccoon Way

Go on a hike, but do it the raccoon way: Walk on all fours (or hands and knees), and be very, very quiet. What do you see at this level that you never noticed before? What do you smell? (If you're a good raccoon, you'll be sniffing for anything that smells good to eat.)

What do you hear? You probably won't see a raccoon on your hike, since they sleep in trees during the day and are most active at night.


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