Animal Activities

Fox and Mouse Game

Have fun with the Fox and Mouse Game.
Have fun with the Fox and Mouse Game.

Animals often use their sense of hearing to help them find food and avoid danger. This Fox and Mouse Game will help you and your friends sharpen your ears.

The fox is one of nature's most clever animals. It uses its large ears to help hunt for food.

Here's how you can be as cunning as a fox:

Have a group of friends -- at least four -- stand in a circle. Pick one person to be the fox. That person will stand in the middle of the circle with his or her eyes closed. Have a mouse (one of the people in the circle) walk in an inner circle around the fox and then return to his or her place in the outer circle. The fox must try to guess who the "mouse" was, using sounds as clues. If the fox guesses correctly, the mouse takes a turn as the fox.

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