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Wild Flashcards

Wild Flashcards Animal Activity
Wild Flashcards Animal Activity

You can increase your animal knowledge a lot when you craft Wild Flashcards for all of your favorite animals.

With just a few simple supplies, you and a friend can become animal experts in no time.

What You'll Need:

4x6" index cards


Reference books




Markers (optional)

Once you've got all your materials gathered, you're ready to make some 'wild' flashcards. For each card, write a fact or two about an animal on one side of the card. (Read reference books and magazines to learn about animals.) On the other side of the card, put the animal's picture and name. You can cut pictures out of old magazines, or draw them yourself.

You can use your flash cards to help your friends learn about animals. First read them the fact, and then ask them to name the animal. (Example: I live in the water, but I'm not a fish. I'm the world's largest mammal. Who am I? Answer: a blue whale!)

Or, show them the pictures while covering up the animals' names, and have them guess the names. See if you can stump them, or have them make some cards and see if they can stump you.

You and your friends will be animal experts -- in a flash!

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