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Animal Soundbox

The "Animal Soundbox" Animal Craft.
The "Animal Soundbox" Animal Craft.

You can create an animal soundbox just by varying the vibrations on this simple instrument!

What You'll Need:

What You'll Need:

1-quart milk carton



Paper towel


Cut the top off of a 1-quart milk carton, 4 inches from the bottom. Using scissors, punch a small hole in the center bottom of the carton, and thread the end of a 24-inch piece of strong string through the hole. On the outside of the carton, tie a knot that will not pull through the hole.

Wet a paper towel, squeezing out the excess water. Hold the milk carton with one hand. With your other hand, put the wet paper towel around the string about 10 inches from the carton. Give the wet towel a quick pull while pressing it with your fingers. It will make a squawking noise that is amplified by the milk carton.

By varying how much string you leave between the wet towel and the box, you can produce sounds resembling a rooster's crow and a lion's roar.

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