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Recycle your old Crocs and How

Brian Ach/
Brian Ach/

Remember those weird shoes called Crocs? They were a fad a few years back. They are still around. People still wear them. They may not be at the forefront of the nation's consciousness, but they are on the forefeet of some people who live in the nation.

Crocs were quite controversial back in the day. They are not made of animal products, so people who don't like wearing animal parts could use them, and they were also made out of minimal materials. Environmentalists are always happy to hear minimal. On the other hand, Crocs are made out petroleum products, and they don't biodegrade. They are made from a mystery resin called Croslite. Recycling them was nearly impossible.

Now you can recycle your Crocs through a program called Soles United. Simply take your old Crocs and return them to a participating Crocs dealership. If there are none around your area, you can mail your Crocs to the nearest recycling facility.

Crocs recycling - West

3375 Enterprise Ave.

Bloomington, CA 92316

Crocs recycling - East

1500 Commodity Blvd.

Lockbourne, OH 43137

Your old Crocs will get recycled and turned into new Crocs made out of 20% recycled material. These new Crocs will be sent off the poorer regions of the world where they will be donated to those in need. If you have some old Crocs taking up space in your closet, it might be a good idea to donate them and make sure they get to the feet of someone who truly needs them.

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