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Winter Experiments

Frozen Bubbles

Try this winter experiment for soapy fun. Using soap bubbles, you'll turn them into frozen bubbles.

How to Make Frozen Bubbles

What You'll Need:

Measuring cup
Soap powder
Hot water
Spoon or whisk
Bubble wand

This is an activity for a cold, cold (below freezing) day when there is no wind in the air.

Start by making a strong bubble solution. Mix 1/2 cup soap powder, 1/2 cup sugar, and 3 cups hot water. (This mixture will help the bubbles last longer.)

Take the bubble solution and a bubble wand outside. Blow a bubble, and catch it on the wand.

Let the bubble sit resting on the wand in the cold air. In the below-freezing chill, the bubble will soon freeze into a fragile crystal ball.

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