A Stable Mobile is a mobile you don\'t need to hang from the ceiling.

A Stable Airplane Mobile is a mobile you don't need to hang from the ceiling.

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Aviation Activities for Kids inspire youngsters to learn about the science of flight. Get your kids thinking about basic physics with these fun activities that will engage your kids in both crafts and play. You'll have hours of fun with their creations.

On the following pages, you'll learn aviation activities that are easy to prepare.

Up, Up, and Away Rally

Everyone brings a flying machine to this fun party. Get great ideas for your Up, Up, and Away Rally.

Stable Airplane Mobile

This mobile features delicate planes that fly through the air, but it's firmly rooted on the ground. Learn how to make a Stable Airplane Mobile.

String Rocket Races

Teach your kids to build milk carton rockets that race along strings, and then see whose is the fastest. Find out how to hold String Rocket Races.

An Up, Up, and Away Rally is a party where everyone brings a flying machine. Find out how to organize this activity on the next page.

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