How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery Dinner Party Games

Murder Mystery dinner party games are played where you'd expect -- around the dinner table. With this type of party, your guests will receive a dossier in advance and are still welcome to dress up as their characters, but the game will be a little more low-key. Like a party game, dinner games are themed to take place in a certain locale, which means you get be creative with your menu -- make sure your dishes match up with the theme. Don't forget about music -- a playlist that reflects the location where or the time period when the "crime" too place.

Murder mystery dinner party games work a lot like a murder mystery party, except that guests don't move around; you play the game over dinner. Guests wear name tags and are given dossiers and cards describing their characters and motives. Sometimes these games come with scripts that the guests read out loud around the table. But often games aren't that strict -- even though they're facilitated, the guests can improvise, which can lead to more entertaining interactions and fun for everyone. Some games even include weapon cards and fake money, so deals and blackmail can go down among the participants. Of course, this all goes according to the storyline, which the host facilitates.

A dinner party game can last through several courses, and you and your guests may linger over coffee and dessert until the murder is solved. Most games usually take about two to three hours to work through. Once the killer is revealed, have the guests take turns reading their character's descriptions -- you might be surprised to find out what your friends were hiding!

It's also nice to have small prizes or gift certificates for the end of the night for "Best Performance," "Best Costume," "Best Sleuth," or any other silly categories you can think of.

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