5 Fun Ideas for Hosting a Guys Night

Sports Night

If your guy's a football, basketball, baseball, car racing, horse racing, hockey -- insert your guy's sport of choice here -- fan, game night is a big, big deal. It could be the culmination of an entire season of couch potato calisthenics. You know what that is, right? It's the exercise required to readjust the couch cushions and reach the remote in order to channel surf during commercial breaks.

One nice thing about making sports night a guy occasion is that it will get your fella into entertainer mode. He may actually remove some of those old take-out containers from the fridge and empty the wastepaper baskets in the man cave, game room or den. We love game night. It has drama, strategy, backstory and heart. You get to experience many of the great things about competitive sport without the burn or the medical bills.

To throw a great party -- you guessed it -- food and beverages figure prominently. Finding the sweet spot is important, too. That's the viewing area in front of your flat screen that has the best picture quality. This may require moving the furniture around a little. Another nice touch is to print out a listing of stats, facts and figures for the current gaming season as well as a schedule of future televised events. If the guys get bored during halftime or want to check on future matchups, they'll have the information at their fingertips.

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