5 Fun Ideas for Hosting a Guys Night

Get the guys together for an epic night -- no girls allowed.
Get the guys together for an epic night -- no girls allowed.
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Once you finish tricking out the man cave, a boy bash is inevitable. You've got that big, bold sound blasting out of the home theater system, a flat screen with more square footage than your backyard, and so many remote controlled devices you don't know how to turn the lights off. Now, you're just about ready to host guys' night in.

This should give you a clue that entertaining a group of guys is different from entertaining girls or a sedate short list of couples. Let's say there's a paradigm shift from refined merriment to belly scraping guffaws, passionate arm flailing, the potential threat of occasional flatulence -- and beer -- lots of beer. Once their suits come off in favor of well-worn jeans and ripped tees, boys will be boys.

It might not be quite that primitive, but you can definitely leave the good napkins nestled in their drawer and approach party planning with an eye toward finger foods, fast action entertainment and comfortable surroundings that can take some spills and general abuse. In fact, if you just tossed out rolls of paper towels with the refreshments, you'd get some laughs and knowing nods. It's that kind of a get together.

Let's consider some guy-centric activities that'll make Friday night (or Sunday evening) a perfect blend of earthy practicality and bro-dacious splendor.