5 Fun Party Ideas for All Ages


Treasure Hunts

Kids of all ages love hunting for treasure. They get excited not knowing where they'll have to go next and what surprise awaits at the end of the trail. For a birthday party host, hunting expeditions -- aka scavenger hunts or treasure hunts -- buy time to prep cake and ice cream and relax for a minute while partygoers search around for their prizes. Also, rainy weather and cold won't ruin the activity since you can always move a hunt indoors (taking care to remind guests of the "no running" rule).

Younger groups will require a hunting guide, and the final treasure at the end could be as simple as a snack or dessert. Adolescents may enjoy a more elaborate scavenger hunt around town -- with an adult as the driver, of course. The final destination could be a mini golf course, the movie theater, a skating rink or another cool spot.

Once again, these activities can pair perfectly with party themes. For a pirate treasure hunt, hand out eye patches and make newspaper sailor hats before setting out. Or, a flock of adorable fairies can decorate construction paper wings and magic wands before taking flight.