Uses for Baking Soda: Children's Activities

More Play Clay Projects

Jewelry: Shape beads for a necklace by rolling Play Clay into oval or round shapes. Press a toothpick through to make holes for stringing.

String Play Clay beads on thread, shoelaces, yarn, kite string, or fishing line. Tie knots between the beads to hold them in place.

To make an earring or brooch, create small shapes with a flat backside, and glue them to earring or pin backings.

: Make fancy napkin rings by rolling out a long, narrow rectangle of clay, then piecing the ends together into a ring. Use cookie cutters to make tree ornaments. While the ornament is still wet, make a hole near the top for hanging. Add an ornament hook or ribbon to hang the ornament.

Play Clay Finishing Touches: Paint dry pieces with watercolor, poster, or acrylic paints. Draw with felt-tip pen or waterproof marker. Apply glitter to wet paint. Smooth rough or cracked edges with an emery board. Protect finished Play Clay objects with clear acrylic spray or clear nail polish.

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