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Some brides have traditional tastes, some prefer to go wild. Learn all about wedding style and formal wear in these articles.

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10 Most Uncomfortable Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Many of the gowns that land on the best-celebrity-wedding-dress lists just look uncomfortable. So what are some of the itchiest, heaviest and most ill-fitting choices that celeb brides have made in the name of fashion?

5 Easy DIY Wedding Hairstyles

Every woman wants to look perfect when she says "I do," but professional hairstyling often gets cut to keep the wedding budget in check. Here are our picks for elegant 'dos you can create by yourself and still be every bit the blushing bride.

10 Things You Should Never, Ever Wear to a Wedding

Everyone will be looking at the bride on her wedding day, but don't think your fashion faux pas will go unnoticed. Unless you're attending a hip, non-traditional wedding, you probably want to avoid nuptial notoriety!

A Well-groomed Groom

Manscaping before matrimony? Yes, please! Who wants to pucker up to a groom with prickly whiskers? Get your groom's grooming under control, and he'll look more handsome than ever in wedding photos. And he might even enjoy the pampering!

Dapper Dads: Dressing the Fathers of the Bride and Groom

Dad, this is a proud day for you. You're giving away your daughter, or you're watching your son start his own family. Obviously, your usual dad duds won't cut it. We'll bring you up to speed on wedding attire so you can make a civilized statement at the big event!

Flower Girl Fashion at Fabulous Prices

Your flower girl is a tiny VIP. She has to prepare the aisle with scattered petals for your grand entrance, and you want her dressed to impress. With three-digit price tags on some flower girl dresses, how can you outfit her affordably?

Is black tie ever really optional?

A wedding invitation just arrived in the mail with that dreaded bit of cursive at the bottom: "Black tie optional." Obviously, this is going to be a formal affair. Should you dress your guy in his best suit, or does he need to sport a tux?

Beyond Bowties: 10 Formal Looks for Your Groomsmen

Got a fashion-conscious fiancé? He might not be too crazy about resigning his groomsmen to basic black tuxes. And why should the bridesmaids get to have all the fun? Use color, textiles and unexpected accessories to outfit the XY side of the wedding party.

How can I avoid post-wedding weight gain?

Something about living with a new husband seems to bring on the "married 15" -- an extra 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms) of weight gain. Maybe it's cooking those larger meals for two or slacking off on exercising in favor of spending time together. We've got some strategies to help you avoid this.

How can I build a healthy wedding weight-loss plan?

Planning for your wedding day involves more than choosing the best caterer or booking a great band. If you have weight-loss goals for your wedding, you've got to plan how you'll drop the pounds. We'll show you how in four simple steps.

5 Reasons You Don't Need a Wedding Crash Diet

After the champagne toast on your engagement eve, you started dieting like a madwoman. You cut out alcohol, dessert and your beloved Sunday brunches. Whoa, bride! Don't sacrifice everything you love to eat. Here's why.

Can meal replacement shakes help me achieve my wedding weight-loss goal?

The wedding day is coming up fast and you still have 10 pounds to lose to fit into your dress. Could a diet featuring meal replacement shakes be the answer? You might be surprised.

10 Colors Your Bridesmaids Don't Want to Wear

Retailers who specialize in bridesmaid dresses can make almost anything sound exotic. Burnished garnet means dark red. Blushing hyacinth is just pale purple. And though it seems fun, South Beach citron might be your worst nightmare.

10 Popular Beauty Treatments for Brides

Being a busy bride shouldn't stop you from taking some time to pamper yourself. We've got a list of 10 beauty treatments -- some you may have never tried before -- that will help you look more beautiful for your wedding day and beyond.

Photo Slideshow: Wedding Dress Trends

Say Yes to the Dress gives you pictures of wedding dress trends. Click here to see pictures of those trends.

Gown Buying Tips

From the folks of Say Yes to the Dress here are some tips on buying a wedding gown.

Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

You chose these girls to be your bridesmaids because they're your best friends. Don't make them regret being in your wedding by asking them to wear a hideous or ridiculously expensive dress. We'll help you find the best gown for your best girls.

Our 10 Best Dieting Tips for Brides

Every bride wants to look and feel picture-perfect on her wedding day. For some brides, that means setting a weight-loss goal. Dieting during the stressful period of wedding planning can be tough. Here's how to diet happily and successfully.

10 Diet Destroyers Lurking at Your Bridal Shower

Your maid of honor loves you dearly, and we promise she's not trying to sabotage your wedding diet on purpose. But in assembling a traditional bridal shower buffet of savory and sweet dainties, she's unknowingly about to undo weeks' worth of your hard work.

Buff for the Big Day: 10 Best Exercises for Brides

Brides who want to slim down and tone up before their wedding day need effective exercises designed to target specific areas. We've got 10 of the best moves for shoulders, waists and a killer bottom half.

How much weight is safe (and realistic) to lose before your wedding?

Many brides vow to drop a few pounds before walking down the aisle. But committing to a strict diet and exercise regimen is no easy task when you're planning the biggest day of your life. Here's how to set a reasonable and healthy weight-loss goal.

Plus-size Brides

Plus-size brides aren't stuck with A-line dresses or full-skirted ball gowns. A simple sheath can flatter the figure when it's made from quality materials that skim over the body instead of clinging to it. Explore our beautiful plus-size bride album.

Shopping with Sarah: Your Perfect Plus-size Gown

When you have a full figure, finding the right pair of jeans can be stressful. And shopping for a wedding gown? Ladies, you don't need nerves of steel -- you just need tips from an expert. That's where Sarah Velasquez comes in!

5 Wedding Dress Silhouettes and Fabrics for Plus-size Brides

A-line gowns look great on curvy women, but this silhouette isn't the final word in fashion for plus-size brides. We've picked five popular styles and recommended figure-flattering fabrics, too.

5 Figure-flattering Accessories for Plus-size Brides

All brides have certain features they want to flaunt and others they prefer to hide. Whether you're drawing eyes to your collarbone or distracting them from your arms, here are some must-have accessories.