Shopping with Sarah: Your Perfect Plus-size Gown

Banishing Body-image Issues
There's a wedding dress for every figure and taste!
There's a wedding dress for every figure and taste!

"A girl is a girl, and she's always going to have little issues about her body," Sarah says. That goes for sample-size brides and plus-size brides. Most women, she divulges, are image-conscious to some extent and need some gentle counseling and affirmation as they're trying on wedding gowns.

Sarah's biggest challenge in dressing plus-size brides is trying to find the gown to match the bride's image of her perfect gown. A bride envisions herself in a certain look, Sarah explains, and "if there's a look she's going for and we don't have it in her size … it makes it difficult for the bride to see how it will look on her body and her shape."

Every woman's body has a certain shape to it. She might be a cone, pear or hourglass -- and that's the same whether she's a size 2 or size 22. The trick is to find a dress that plays up the bride's shape. Gowns will fall differently on every woman's body, but certain silhouettes flatter certain body types. Sarah reveals which silhouettes work for which shapes next.