Discount Wedding Dresses 101

I Thee Web

Get a great dress at a glorious price online.
Get a great dress at a glorious price online.

One of the most popular destinations for bargain-seekers is the Internet.

Ebay and Craigslist are just two Web sites that let you bargain and bid with sellers to find your ideal gown. Other bride-specific sites, like and, allow you to buy barely worn gowns by the world's most popular, sought-after designers.

If buying used isn't for you, then consider renting your wedding gown. More than likely, you're only going to wear your wedding dress once, so renting it at a reputable site such as or can save you hundreds -- if not thousands -- of dollars.

Of course, with the money you save, you can accessorize your dress with the feathered flair pumps you spotted on, or the frilly bib-style statement necklace you tagged as a favorite item on Etsy. The possibilities are endless!