The Bride's Ultimate Guide to Choosing Her Perfect Wedding Gown

By: Natalie Kilgore

Does the Dress Suit Your Funds?

Shop within your budget, or you'll wind up disappointed!
Shop within your budget, or you'll wind up disappointed!

Last but not least, shop for dresses that are within your financial means.

Have a sit-down with parents and your fiancé to determine a budget for your wedding and the gown. Most importantly, try your best to stick to the dollar amount you all agree on!


According to Kleinfeld Bridal co-owner Mara Urshel, it's wise to reserve 12 to 15 percent of the wedding budget for your gown. If you want to wear one gown at your ceremony and change into a shorter dress at the reception (which is an increasingly popular trend) remember to budget for two dresses.

Of course, if you find a discounted or vintage dress that you fall in love with, even better! You'll be able to use the money you save for other wedding expenses.

Once you find a dress that looks fabulous on you, fits your budget and style, and will coordinate perfectly with the accessories you plan to wear, purchase it and don't look back! Enjoy the rest of your engagement, and look forward to your wedding day when you get to wear the perfect gown as you float down the aisle to marry your best friend.

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