The Bride's Ultimate Guide to Choosing Her Perfect Wedding Gown

By: Natalie Kilgore

What Fair Will Accent Your Dress?

Don't forget to consider what accessories you want to wear with your dress; these details are what make your wedding day look one-of-a-kind. If your gown is formal, you might want to fix your hair in a tight updo with a cathedral-length veil. For simple dresses, opt for more drama with a birdcage veil during the ceremony and a frilly feather headpiece during the reception.

When accessorizing, choose pieces that complement your gown. Floral headbands and Juliet caps are trendy hairpieces that really make a statement. If you want to wear your great-grandmother's art deco necklace as your "something old," you should choose a wedding dress with a strapless neckline. Dresses with elegant drapes that gather at the waist are even more beautiful when highlighted by a sunburst brooch.


The shoes you choose can also make or break the dress. For short or tea-length dresses, you might want to consider a unique pair of heels to accent your legs, but if you're tall and don't want to tower over your groom, go with ballet flats or jeweled sandals instead. You could even pick out a pair of shoes in the same shade of fuchsia that you chose for your bridesmaids' dresses! For brides wearing ball gowns or full-skirted dresses that only reveal a hint of footwear, a shoe with an elegant tapered toe looks pretty in candid photos where you're dancing, walking or sitting with crossed legs.