5 Tips for Relieving Wedding Stress


Sit in Silence

Your wedding is going to be a beautiful, wonderful experience, but all the stress that comes between saying "yes" and "I do" is almost enough to cause a girl to swear off fondant, flowers and family forever! Before you elope in what you'd forever be forced to think of as your "wedding jeans," try sitting alone for a few minutes and meditating.

While meditating, you can delve into what it is that's bothering you, or you may choose to visualize a nice, stress-free ceremony. You don't have to focus on any one thing (or anything at all, actually), but just sitting by yourself, with yourself, for a few minutes in silence each day can have a profoundly positive effect on your mood and overall outlook.

If the thought of meditating intimidates you, don't worry. You don't need to spend years fine-tuning your technique to reduce stress. A study found that newly practicing meditators' brain waves moved from the anxiety-riddled right-frontal cortex to the more relaxed left-frontal cortex, making the group generally happier and more relaxed than before they began engaging in the ancient practice.