5 Tips for Relieving Wedding Stress


Treat Your Body Right

You might think it's impossible to get eight hours of sleep every night or to eat three squares a day, but neglecting your basic needs is only going to make your wedding stress worse. Lack of food and sleep tend to increase feelings of anxiety, and when you're tired or hungry, you're more prone to making bad judgments.

It's important to be rested for your big day and to eat healthfully in the hours leading up to the actual wedding, but you need to start a sleeping schedule and meal plan months before the wedding to really reap the positive effects. Go to bed and wake up at consistent times, and make sure you're eating protein, whole grains and fresh veggies or fruit at every meal. Set the good habits in motion now, and we'll give you our blessing to be a little naughty on your honeymoon! What? We're talking about staying up late and indulging in a few margaritas…