10 Most Uncomfortable Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Fashion devotees paid $15,000 for the privilege of looking like "Sex and the City's" Carrie Bradshaw on their wedding days. See pictures of princess brides.
Marcel Thomas/Getty Images

Finding the perfect wedding dress to say "yes" to can be an overwhelming task for any bride. And we imagine it must be every bit as daunting for A-list celebrities, who have the pressure of wowing not only their wedding guests, but also an entire world of fashion critics, both amateur and professional.

We've seen plenty of best-celebrity-wedding-dress lists that glorify picture-perfect brides and even more worst-celebrity-wedding-gown lists that remind us (to our never-ending delight) that all the money in the world cannot buy good taste. But whether they are fashion dos or you-couldn't-pay-me-to-leave-the-house-in-that don'ts, many of the dresses that show up on these lists just look downright uncomfortable. So what are some of the itchiest, heaviest, most ill-fitting or otherwise distressing choices that celebrity brides have made in the name of nuptial fashion? Read on for our list of the 10 most uncomfortable celebrity wedding dresses.