10 Summer Wedding Trends for Modern Brides

In Lieu of Gifts...
For many couples, gifts just equal more stuff.
For many couples, gifts just equal more stuff.
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It's a whole new world of weddings, with people marrying well into their 30s, 40s and beyond; and with so many brides and grooms already financially established in their lives, many socially conscious couples are choosing to ask for a different kind of gift.

Charity contributions are becoming big wedding gifts, with brides and grooms requesting donations to their favorite charities rather than traditional gifts like flatware and serving pieces. It opens up a entirely new set of options, and many Web sites have popped up to accommodate this charitable wedding trend, making it very easy to implement, whether in lieu of gifts entirely or as an additional gift option for invited guests.

Of course, most brides are loathe to give up the gifts, and who can blame them? How often do you get the chance to list absolutely everything you love because people are just dying to buy it for you?

Then again, contributions to, say, the World Wildlife Fund can really bolster a green-themed event. And it can't hurt to start your life together with some good karma.

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