How much weight is safe (and realistic) to lose before your wedding?

About Stress and Sweat
Stress isn't any fun to experience, but fighting off nerves may whittle your waist.
Stress isn't any fun to experience, but fighting off nerves may whittle your waist.

Finding time each day for exercise can seem like a real chore, but you're practically guaranteed results if you get moving. You should always avoid weight-loss programs and schemes that can trigger dehydration, so forget about using those quick weight-loss wraps or any plan that focuses on shedding pounds just by sweating. Sure, it's good to work up a sweat when you're working out, but don't sit in a sauna for four hours and expect to see any sort of lasting improvement. All that weight is going to come right back almost as soon as you have a few glasses of water. And what's the point of slimming down for your wedding if all the weight comes back during your honeymoon?

Luckily, busy brides have a better chance of losing weight than most other women. Brandeis acknowledges that most brides who are stressed out lose weight regardless of their exercise plan because they end up eating less. Giving up mindless snacking? Good! Starvation diets? Bad! Remember that weight-loss success comes from eating a sensible diet of at least 1,200 calories a day and adhering to a strict workout plan. But starting out with an advantage never hurts, especially when it comes to how you look at your wedding!

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